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Vinyl Graphics London are an established friendly business with over 14 years experience in the printing and signage industry. We specialise in Banners, PVC banners, Digital Printing, Roller Banners and many other printing and signage methods. At Vinyl Graphics London we pride ourselves in using the best quality materials and the highest standard of professionalism. Our custom Vinyl Graphics London are entirely bespoke and can be printed in many different Banner forms, advertise your brand in a traditional reliable style. Our prices are realistic and can beat majority of our competitors., our team are very experienced and always available to discuss your designs and help get your signs down to perfection.

Our standard printing materials can be used in a wide variety of applications. If you have a specific project and are unsure what material to use please contact us.

  • 440gsm PVC Material Image

    440gsm PVC Standard Banner-Grade Material

    Our industry standard outdoor/indoor banner material. Can be used for all types of displays from outdoor poster displays to large advertising banners. This is the most popular material.

  • 500gsm Material Image

    500gsm Coated Premium Banner-Grade Material

    Ideally suited for use in tension systems this material is a front-lit banner-grade indoor/outdoor PVC.

  • 340gsm Material Image

    340gsm Mesh Material

    Predominately used for large banners and building wraps where it's important that air be allowed to flow through the banner stopping the 'sail effect' associated with standard PVC. A Premium Coated Mesh material that will allow the air to flow through (1130 litres per SQM per second) whilst still having enough closed consistency to show print without losing vibrancy.

  • 740gsm PVC Material Image

    740gsm Heavy-Duty Blockout Material

    Ideally suited for double sided print (you won't get any 'show through of image') this material is so thick we don't hem it.